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User Manual, Brochure, Web Content


Our company provides patent writing, technical writing and technical translations. For companies, which are used to prepare all technical communication in-house, but do not use content reuse and structured authoring tools, would strongly benefit from our services. Please refer to software capabilities section.

Technical Writing and Translation Services

  1. Drafting of user manuals, tutorialsspecification sheetsbrochures and user guides
  2. Translating to-from English-Lithuanian different technical content
  3. Design of paper layout, charts, tables
  4. Creation of files like PDF, XML, XHTML
  5. For patent writing services, please visit

We specialize in following technical areas

  1. Electronics and telecommunication
  2. Lasers and laser systems
  3. Microfluidics and sensors
  4. Audio and video production systems
  5. Consumer electronics

We guarantee

  1. Technical expertise within indicated areas
  2. Schedule compliance
  3. Free-of-charge corrections of unsuitable content (within two weeks after submission)
  4. Confidentiality (including personal responsibility)
  5. Fair pricing

Samples of our technical writings (.pdf files):

User Manual – Sonar “Deeper”

MatchBox2 User Manual Book

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Technical communication is an everyday activity for technological companies and an important part for every manufacturer.
Technical writing as a professional practice requires both - excellent product knowledge and good command of technical language. In addition to that, knowledge of legislation, work safety and physics are necessary for any technical writer.
Today technical writing without sophisticated software tools is unthinkable, as those tools provide capabilities of content reuse, publishing capabilities and automated design formatting.
This is how we work - we employ all the above to achieve customer satisfaction!

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