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Technical Writing is a brand-name of IAM consultants, Ltd. – a technical communiction and patent writing company.

IAM consultants, Ltd.
Kalvariju street 125B, LT-10224 Vilnius, Lithuania
Landline (UK):             +44 207 193 1659
Mobile:                          +370 683 78384
E-mail:                    (corporate website)


5 Responses to “Contact”

  • kevin burkhardt says:

    Dear Evaldas,
    Could you tell me what service you offer in regards to patent drafting, I am an independent inventor in the UK.
    Kind regards
    Kevin Burkhardt

    • Hi, Kevin,
      I can provide full service, except representation before patent office (since I am not a patent attorney).
      In detail:
      – patent search
      – state-of-the-art inventions’ selection, to be cited in the description
      – patent description writing
      – patent claims’ writing
      – drawings preparation

      In this case the inventor files the patent application by her/himself using online service of the UK patent office. I could help with this also, but I could not be appointed as legal representative. Also I can recommend the most experienced patent attorneys here in Lithuania, to provide legal representation, which, by default, is much cheaper than in UK.


  • Kev burkhardt says:

    That’s exactly the service I’m after, I have a very simple invention that is already prototyped, I would happily present an application to the uk patent office I just need your help to draft the application. What roughly are your costings for this service. Many thanks for your prompt response.
    Kind regards

  • Tom De Decker says:


    I tried to mail you but mail was returned.

    Can you mail me.


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Technical communication is an everyday activity for technological companies and an important part for every manufacturer.
Technical writing as a professional practice requires both - excellent product knowledge and good command of technical language. In addition to that, knowledge of legislation, work safety and physics are necessary for any technical writer.
Today technical writing without sophisticated software tools is unthinkable, as those tools provide capabilities of content reuse, publishing capabilities and automated design formatting.
This is how we work - we employ all the above to achieve customer satisfaction!

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IAM consultants, Ltd.
Kalvariju street 125B
LT-08221 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +44 207 193 1659
Mob.        +370 683 78384
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