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These are the questions we frequently receive from our customers:

1. Q: What is a typical price for patent search and patent drafting?

A: The typical patent description is around 2000 words and contains 10 claims. Based on our price list, the following reference cost could be calculated:

  • Patent search EUR 240
  • Patent description EUR 600
  • Claims EUR 150
  • Drawings (2 sheets) EUR 100
  • Discussions with the inventor EUR 80

Total: EUR 1200 +-20%

2. Q: What is the most convenient way to pay for the services provided?

A: In general there are two ways to pay for the service:

  • Wire transfer to a bank account
  • PayPal

We have an international bank account, where national bank service fees applies.

3. Q: Can I receive an invoice for the service?

A: Yes, we work based on a business license for writing services according to the law of Lithuania. After provision of the service we issue an invoice.

4. Q: What are the payment conditions?

A: The payment has to be made within two weeks after the first submission of final text.

5. Q: How long does it take to draft a patent description?

A: It depends on complexity of the invention as well as the busyness of our team, but standard term provided in our service agreement is 3 weeks. Usually we succeed to make it within one week (search + description).

6. Q: How do I trust you my confidential information?

A: There are several reasons to trust us: first – we sign an agreement with NDA conditions; second – we guarantee personal responsibility; third – you can always ask for a reference of our existing customers.

3. Q: What is content warranty?

A: Within the same two weeks after the first submission of the final text, you have a right to address reasonable comments. We commit to fix the text without any additional charge. However, adding new content is charged normally.


Technical communication is an everyday activity for technological companies and an important part for every manufacturer.
Technical writing as a professional practice requires both - excellent product knowledge and good command of technical language. In addition to that, knowledge of legislation, work safety and physics are necessary for any technical writer.
Today technical writing without sophisticated software tools is unthinkable, as those tools provide capabilities of content reuse, publishing capabilities and automated design formatting.
This is how we work - we employ all the above to achieve customer satisfaction!

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