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Many companies these days lack human resources. Especially for technical writing. Manuals and user guides drafted by engineers – is both inefficient and in most cases really not the best approach towards dealing with technical communication within a company.

Engineers – poor technical writers

As a rule of thumb, engineers who have designed a product, can not get into the shoes of the end-user. For the designer, many things seem obvious and he or she doesn’t even bother to include them into the user manual. I guess, there is no need to explain, how good they are with writing in general… at least the majority of engineers.

Inefficiency with homemade technical writing

In drafting of technical texts, it is essential to maintain consistent terminology and thoroughness throughout the piece of technical communication. I have witnessed companies having 10% or more RMA rates of products with poorly written operation manuals. Customers always had reasons to say “that was not written in the user manual”. For devices that could harm user’s health, if mistreated, there is even more reasons to entrust a skilled professional technical writer to do the job.

Coming back to efficiency, a skilled technical writer will manage to finish the work faster than a regular engineer, meaningless to say that nowadays technical writers use sophisticated software tools to draft user manuals by reusing previously written content. Everyone knows, that correctly written user manual has some certain introductory and templates, which leads to consistency, professionalism and limitations of manufacturers responsibility. Using said software tools, which takes at least several months to master, experienced technical writers draft the user manuals up to 2 to 4 times faster than an engineer, who has really developed the product… Isn’t that amazing?

Considering everything stated above, it becomes obvious that hiring a professional technical writer actually saves money for the company. Even more – it save money both – immediately in the drafting phase and later in the phase when the product is sold to the customers.

Our group of freelance technical writers is serving companies form photonics and electronics fields to handle technical communication, including user manual writing, brochure text and patent drafting.

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Technical communication is an everyday activity for technological companies and an important part for every manufacturer.
Technical writing as a professional practice requires both - excellent product knowledge and good command of technical language. In addition to that, knowledge of legislation, work safety and physics are necessary for any technical writer.
Today technical writing without sophisticated software tools is unthinkable, as those tools provide capabilities of content reuse, publishing capabilities and automated design formatting.
This is how we work - we employ all the above to achieve customer satisfaction!

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